Kitchen: our guests can use the kitchen free of charge.

Laundry: to use the washing machines and dryer you need to buy a chip (polett).

Sanitary facilities: are suitable for wheelchair users. A 10 NOK coin is needed for the showers.

You can rent bed linen and towels for 100 NOK.

We have a barbecue area at the campsite that the guests can use.

There are emptying stations for chemical toilets on the campsite, as well as waste water.

WiFi all over the campsite- free of charge for the guests.


ACTIVITIES in the city centre of Sandane and nearby

Pilates training at the campsite

Indoor swimming pool(trivselshagen):

Not far from the campsite there are two beach volleyball grounds; one located in the city centre near Sandane primary school and one in Rygg.

If you want to experience Gloppen with all its hiking, fishing and culture possibilities, contact Hennie Siesling at Gloppen Experience:

There is a 9 hole golf course 1.5 km from the campsite.

Gloppen- Summer Hotel in Vereide arranges kayaking, mountain - and glacier hikes at fixed days during the week.

For guided glacier trips:

Hyen Natur og Fritid arrange overnight stays at old mountain/dairy cottages. They also have mountain - and glaciertours, as well as tentcamps at Storevatnet in Gjengedalen.

Russehola (the russian cave): During world war 2 four russian soldiers escaped from a German prisoncamp. They survived with the help of locals that provided them with this hiding place and with food.

Utsikten is a viewing point with good view over Gloppefjorden. Stratingpoint from Engeset, tollway for cars.

Eidsfossen(waterfall) approx. 33 meters free fall with one of the largest salmon stairs in Europe.

White water rafting in Skei/J?lster about 40 min by car from the campsite. Suitable for beginners, families and advanced.

Horseback riding in norwegian nature:

Stall Rygg approx. 5 km from the campsite. Call Morten Rygg for further information at + 47 415 10 424.


Norsk Fjordhestgard near Byrkjelo about 20 min by car from the campsite. There is possibility for day excursions and riding camps.


Fishing in Gloppen

Fishing for fresh water fish

In Gloppen we have a freshwater fishing permit, which is good for around 150 lakes and rivers in the region. At reception you can buy permits and get expert advice. You can also rent a local fishing guide who will take you to the best sites and give you assistance to hopefully catch the BIG one. The price for guiding is agreed in advance.

Fishing for salmon and sea trout

We have four rivers in the area containing salmon, which are AA/Ommedalselva, Gloppen River, Straumselva/Hopselva and Ryggjaelva. The first three mentioned require a fishing permit. Gloppen Camping has 2 permits a day for the upper part of the Gloppen River. Olav K. Henden and G-sport shops have 4 permits. The Gloppen Hotel looks after the rest of the Gloppen River. For Ommedalselva and Straumselva the permits are sold in Hyen.

Gloppen commune is well known for its Cultural heritage and sights. See the cultural archives on the Internet
There are an abundance of marked tourist trails in Gloppen. Information boards are prominent along these paths. In the campsite we also sell tourist maps for the area. These maps are new and is linked with the information boards and tourist trails. The map was voted the worlds best in a map convention in Beijing in 2001!
For Cultural information see the Gloppen commune web site.


Nordfjord Folk Museum located in the centre of Sandane city. This museum has an open-air area with approx. 45 historical houses and cottages mostly from 18th to 19th century.

Holvikejekta is an relic of an old freight/sail ship built in 1881 also belongs to the museum.

Churches: Gamle Gimmestad Kyrkje (old Gimmestad church) from 1692 and Vereide Kyrkje from 11th century.

Antiques: Antikk og Rariteter located in a former hayloft in Rygg approx. 5 km from the campsite. Largest antiquemarket in the Nordvesterland area.

Gifts and wooden made toys at Daivas Shop in the city centre.


Local information:

in Sandane city centre we have shops(clothes, shoes, interior, sports gear, books) supermarkets, bakery, cafè, restaurant, library, cinema, doctors, pharmacy.

You can get local food from Kandal Kjøtt that makes products from goat meat.

Maps for walks and tours can be bought at Eikenes Bookshop (Libris).